ABC’s of Being “Spiritually Single” (Lynn Niedenthal)

If your husband is an unbeliever—or a believer who’s not living what he believes—these ABC’s will help you know how to respond.


How to Pray for Your Children, with Fern Nichols & Marlae Gritter

How can you pray for your children in a way that will impact their lives?

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My Husband Doesn't Share My Faith

As unbelievers, neither of us had a clue what our future would be. We just thought a life together would be a kick.


Staying Committed to an Unbeliever, with Holly Elliff

When her unbelieving husband wanted to reconcile with her, Shirley’s children told her she was crazy to let him back into her life.


Waiting for His Heart, with Joy McClain

Over thirty years ago, Joy McClain began praying that her husband would be delivered from alcohol addiction.


When He Doesn’t Believe, with Nancy Kennedy

When your husband doesn’t share your faith, a new set of challenges arises.

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When Your Husband's Heart Is Hard

Ten truths to encourage your heart from Joy McClain, a woman who's been there.