Leadership Resources: Singleness

A Guide to Praying for a Future Husband

Candice Watters

When a single woman asked me how to pray for her future husband, answering her question proved harder than I first thought it would.

Becoming a Single Woman of Virtue (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

How attractive are you as a single woman in God's sight?

Common Questions Asked About Singleness

Revive Our Hearts Staff Writers

Answers to common questions we receive at Revive Our Hearts about singleness.

Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?

Carolyn McCulley

Carolyn McCulley challenges single women to regard their singleness not as a burden, but as a gift from God.

Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? with Carolyn McCulley

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Carolyn shares her struggles with being single in her forties and how she has learned to trust God with a hope deferred.

For the Single Woman Affected by Ashley Madison

Chiree Patterson

The wake of the Ashley Madison scandal could leave single women believing that all men are cheaters. But here's what the gospel has to say.

Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild

Mary Kassian

Be captivated, challenged, and impassioned to be far more than the world’s model of a wild woman through Girls Gone Wise—a study of the Proverbs 7 woman.

How to Pray for a Future Husband

Candice Watters

What should prayer for a husband look like?

How to Serve "The Singles" in Your Church

Carolyn McCulley

Hopefully these ideas will foster a stronger connection between unmarried people and their local congregations.

Lies Single Moms Are Tempted to Believe (Kim Jaggers)

Kim Jaggers

Are you a single mom? Replace the enemy's lies with God's Truth!

Personal Hedges Worksheet

Mary Kassian

Use this worksheet to help you establish what your personal hedges are.

Practical Counsel on Singleness, with Carolyn McCulley

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Tackling practical questions that will help you faithfully devote your singleness to the Lord.

Seven Secrets for Singles (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

You may not have a choice about your marital status, but you can choose what you do with your singleness.

Sexual Desire and the Single Girl (10 Tips for Purity)

Colleen Chao

In a sexually saturated culture, how can you remain pure?

Singled Out for Him

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy shares ten practical commitments that are the pathway to true blessing for every Christian single.

Singled Out for Service (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Seven principles to help you avoid the potential pitfalls of singleness.

Single-Focused: Nine Tips for Singles

Dawn Wilson

According to the 2012 census, over forty-four percent of all US residents ages eighteen and older are unmarried. With that in mind, here are nine tips for single Christians.

Singleness: Hiking a Beautiful, Arduous Hill

Colleen Chao

Singleness is a long hike up a steep hill with breathtaking views.

Some Mail I Can't Keep to Myself

Paula Marsteller

Read what one woman has to say when she looks back at her time of singleness.

The Power of Relationships

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy examines Ecclesiastes 4 to show us God's prescription for godly, healthy relationships.

What's a Single Mom to Do?

Kim Jaggers

I don’t recall a more physically exhausting, worry-filled, second-guessing, constant-struggle time in my life than those years I spent as a single mom.

Why Not Pursue Him?

Paula Marsteller

I do not believe in pursuing guys. Does it sound like I’ve lost touch with reality?