Leadership Resources: Parenting

15 Ways to Make Prayer a Natural Part of Your Everyday Family Life

Kim Butts

You can really do it! Get started with these practical ideas.

23 Great Questions to Ask Your Kids

Sharon Jaynes

Use these questions as springboards for meaningful discussions.

30-Day Mom Challenge

Erin Davis

Be encouraged and equipped to be the beautiful mom God wants you to be.

A Game-Changing Perspective of Motherhood

Laura Booz

Imagine if you awoke each day thinking accurately that your real work is mothering. And imagine if you were honest about the job description and consciously surrendered to the cost of love.

A Mom’s Children’s Devotional Recommendations

Jeanne Harrison

If you’re in need of a devotional for your kids, one of these recommendations might be a good fit for your family.

And Then I Had Teenagers, with Susan Yates

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Susan discusses how to survive and thrive as the parent of a teen.

Ask an Older Woman #2: How Do I Overcome Comparison?

Shannon Popkin

The question: “How did you overcome the temptation to constantly compare your life, ministry, and family to others?”

Before You Give Your Tween a Phone

Shannon Popkin

If you don't give your tween daughter a phone, you're cutting off her social oxygen, right? Maybe. But you'd be protecting her from these potential dangers and struggles.

Being "All There" for Your Kids

Jani Ortlund

Feeling exhausted, Mom? Be reminded why it's worth it!

Beyond Bath Time, with Erin Davis

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Erin now sees her family as her ministry. Learn how to invest in your children for God's glory.

Breaking the Cycle of Impurity, with Maryann Loveing

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

A lot of women are afraid that past sin disqualifies them from teaching purity to their children. But it doesn’t.

Christ in the Chaos

Kimm Crandall

We feel the squeeze from parenting books and advice from friends. They tell us we must do more and try harder. What if there's another way?

Common Questions Asked About Parenting

Revive Our Hearts Staff Writers

Answers to common questions we receive at Revive Our Hearts about parenting.

Entrusted with a Child’s Heart, with Betsy Corning

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

When you invest in your children, you're affecting the world for generations to come.

Epicenter: The World-Changing Impact of a Christ-Centered Home, with Bill & Holly Elliff

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

What would happen in this nation and worldwide if every Christian family began to live out God's purposes for their home?

Guilt, Grace, and Guidance—Three Keys to Help Your Child Connect with Christ

Jani Ortlund

Learn how to study your child to understand his or her individual bent.

Help! Mommydom Leaves Me No Time for God

Holly Elliff

Seven practical tips on creating space to hear from the Lord during the hectic years as a mom.

How to Pray for Your Children, with Fern Nichols & Marlae Gritter

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

How can you pray for your children in a way that will impact their lives?

How to Reach a Child’s Heart for Christ

Barbara Reaoch

What is your goal: changing your child’s behavior or reaching their heart with the transforming truth of the gospel?

Intentional Parenting

Dannah Gresh

Learn how to have age-appropriate, value-forming conversations that train your children to become godly men and women.

Learn to Discern: How to Recognize Error in the Culture

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

How to be discerning, alert, biblical, courageous, prayerful, and proactive in a culture full of conflicting "truths."

Little People Grow Up Way Too Fast!

Kimberly Wagner

Tips from an "old mom."

Loving Our Sons Means Showing Respect

Stacey Salsbery

Q&A: How can I show respect to my nine-year-old son?

Loving Your Hard-to-Like Kid

Laura Booz

I do not love my children as a parent ought to love, but Jesus can turn my heart toward the blessings that are my children.

Mom vs. Mom: The War I Didn't See Coming

Jeanne Harrison

You've heard of mommy wars, right? Where every mom tries to be everything perfect—and more? We've got some good news: you don't have to join in.

Motherhood Is a Refining Fire

Bambi Moore

A mother sacrifices and pours out her life for her children in service to God.

Parenting Resources

Revive Our Hearts Staff Writers

These resources provide practical advice to impart God’s Word to your family and to point your children to Christ.

Pitchin' a Fit with Israel & Brook Wayne

Brook Wayne

Does that describe your parenting? Discover how God can help you set a new direction in your parenting. Learn to parent out of love when you’re tempted to be marked by anger.

Praying for More Than "Safe"

Erin Davis

With God's kingdom in mind, is safe the most important thing for my kids to be?

Purity, Marriage & Motherhood

Dannah Gresh

Feminists realize that if they can dismantle purity in a teen, so many other things can be dismantled: their view of men, children, and more.

Raising Pure Kids in an Impure World

Jeanne Harrison

How do we raise pure children in an impure world? Here are 5 principles for parents.

Resources for Parents to Use with Their Children

Various Authors

Help the children in your life discover the truth of God’s Word and how to live as His sons and daughters through these eye-catching and age-appropriate resources.

Resources for Parents to Use with Their Teens

Various Authors

Equip the teens in your life to live out God’s truth in relationships and daily choices with resources designed with young women in mind.

Susanna's House Rules

Erin Davis

By all accounts, Susanna Wesley was a strict mother. But for Susanna, the proof that her house rules worked is in the pudding.

Talking to Your Children About God, with Dr. Bruce Ware

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

The Wares discuss the importance of teaching children not just Bible stories but also the doctrines of the Christian faith.

The War of Learning Self-Control

Erin Davis

My children remind me: 1) Practicing self-control matters. 2) It isn’t something we can learn without help.

Three Gifts of Parenting, with Denise Glenn

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

When God finally blessed Denise with children, she realized the job was far more challenging than she expected.

Topics in the Book of Proverbs

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Practical advice for everyday living from God's Word.

When It Comes to the Mommy Wars, I'm Waving the White Flag

Erin Davis

Am I mom enough? Do I have what it takes to mother well? And if I fail, what price will need to be paid?

Why Our Kids Don't Need the "Little g" Gospel

Erin Davis

There is a little "g" gospel that is particularly dangerous and tempting as we parent. It's the gospel of goodness.

Why Your Child Needs a Christian Education

Laura Elliott

Our children, perhaps more than ever before, need more than just a standard education with Jesus on the side.