Leadership Resources: Identity in Christ

45 Spiritual Gifts

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Forty-five birthday gifts God gives us when we become His children.

Are You Using God?

Kelly Needham

When do you pick up your Bible? When do you pray? Is it just when you need something? When you feel stressed?

A Sinful Woman's Encounter with Grace

Erin Davis

Erin Davis talks about the labels we wear, and about her encounter with Jesus.

Because He Loves Me

Elyse Fitzpatrick

We think that our life, our acceptance before God, His pleasure in us depends on something within us. Let me tell you the really good news.

Breaking Your Approval Addiction

Erin Davis

Are you addicted to praise? Here are three ways to break your approval addiction.

Chase Glory, Not Shadows: Hebrews 8

Hayley Mullins

We often pursue shadows—copies—of glory rather than the heavenly glory they represent.

Dear Insecure Girl

Erin Davis

When insecurity knocks at your door, these are the truths you should run to.

Embracing God as a Father

Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian shows that you can learn to embrace God as your father.

If Feeling Inadequate Was an Olympic Event . . .

Sharon Jaynes

"I'm not good enough." It was the undercurrent of my entire existence until I finally realized who I was in Christ.

I Refuse to Be Embarrassed

Erin Davis

Maybe I will never fully outgrow my desire to fit in or my fear of sticking out. But, after almost twenty years as a Christian, I can tell I am growing in grace because I blush a whole lot less often.

Is Jesus Smiling at You?

Carrie Gaul

He delights in us! Our God takes pleasure in us. His countenance toward us radiates joy that truly seems unimaginable to us.

Jesus Is Better Than a Better You

Erin Davis

As good as the voice of self-improvement and the drive to do better can be, Jesus is far better than a better version of me.

Mom vs. Mom: The War I Didn't See Coming

Jeanne Harrison

You've heard of mommy wars, right? Where every mom tries to be everything perfect—and more? We've got some good news: you don't have to join in.

My Love List

Colleen Chao

I often struggle to believe and experience the infinite love of my Heavenly Father on a daily basis. So, I bust out my "love list."

Revel in the Wonder

Kimberly Wagner

Seeking God begins with reveling in the wonder that He first loved me.

The Bible Is a Witness; Not a Savior

Kelly Needham

The Pharisees depended on the Scriptures to avoid admitting their need for Jesus as Savior. Are we doing the same?

The Idolatry of Numbers

Colleen Chao

I've been guilty of counting "likes" on my Instagram post, girls in my Bible study, RSVPs to my party, and visitors to my blog to increase my personal worth.

The Sabbath: The Antidote for Achievement-Addicts

Kelly Needham

Be honest—does the idea of a weekly day of rest go against the grain of your achievement-addict heart?

The Truth About Self-Pity and Low Self-Esteem

Kelly Needham

You were meant for boasting. Just not in yourself.

The Truth That Sets Us Free

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Twenty-two liberating truths for today's woman.

Walking in the Light

Elyse Fitzpatrick

We all have such a propensity to hide our sins and weaknesses, but see what happens when you move from darkness into the light of genuine relationships. This message is also available to watch and read.