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How to Talk to a Friend About Homosexuality

Erin helps you speak compassionately to a friend.


Living Life as a True Woman

Hear how God spoke to a woman who had been in a homosexual lifestyle.


Out of a Far Country

Their amazing story, told from the perspectives of both mother and son, offers hope for anyone affected by homosexuality.


Out of a Far Country, with Christopher & Angela Yuan

Be encouraged by a mom who never gave up praying for a lost son in the gay lifestyle.

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The "Same-Sex Marriage" Debate: An Action Plan

Erin issues a call to action that you can do right where you sit.

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Understanding the "Same-Sex Marriage" Debate

Tempted to stick your head in the sand on this issue?

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What's the Big Deal with Traditional Marriage?

Have you ever wondered why God only created two genders? Why not three ... or even four? it wasn't a random choice, but intentional on His part.

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When a Loved One "Comes Out"

Seven truths to orient your heart and mind when a loved one “comes out” to you.