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Define Your Own Reality!

Feminism allows individuals to redefine feminism and construct a personal feminist philosophy.


Feminism and the Christian Woman

"I think that all of us—to one degree or another—are feminists." Learn what Mary means, and just how feminism affects your life.


Hear Me Roar!

How have you been shaped by feminism? Every woman in the church today needs to ask herself that question, whether or not she would refer to herself as a feminist.

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I Am Woman

We were confident that we would be the first generation to get the meaning of womanhood right.


My Liberation from Feminism

Carolyn could not see that her self-righteousness, pride, anger, and willfulness caused greater damage to real joy than any perceived curtailment to freedom.


Radical Womanhood, with Carolyn McCulley

Carolyn takes us through the history of feminism, exposing its anti-God agenda and presenting the pro-woman truth of Scripture.


The Feminist Mistake, with Mary Kassian

Nancy and Mary discuss the impact the feminist revolution has had on our lives as Christian women.


The Makings of a True Woman

Learn how to replace feminist-influenced attitudes with a biblical view of womanhood.


You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

Mary explores how the philosophy of feminism developed and was integrated into our culture.