30-Day Choosing Gratitude Challenge

Begin to cultivate a heart of gratitude and begin your journey to joy!


Counsel from the Cross

The authors present a counseling model based on Scripture and powered by the work of the wonderful counselor, Jesus Christ.


Dealing with Depression and Doubt

Nancy offers hope for the storms of life as you learn to lean on God alone.


Dealing with Discouragement

Nancy looks at a time of great discouragement in David's life and gives encouraging insights on how to face tough times.

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Depressed and Thankful: 6 Ways to Find Joy

If you are wandering down the dark path of depression and despair, here are six ways to fight for joy through gratefulness.
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Forgiving Is the Hardest Thing You Will Ever Do

Depression. Despair. The Black Dog. Choose your term—it doesn't really matter. What matters is that it hurt to live.


Healing for Emotional Pain

Discovered the power of God's grace to free one from the prison of depression.


Hope and Freedom from the Stranglehold of Despondency

How do you find joy in the Lord when your feelings just won't cooperate? Jesus sympathizes with your struggle and provides a way of escape.


Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety

Women will find comfort and encouragement as they learn from the transparent, real-life examples of others who have struggled with anxiety.


The ABC’s for Handling a Meltdown

Nancy opens the Bible and shows you how to handle difficult emotions during the holidays and throughout the year.


The Thorn of Depression . . . and Grace

Jennifer talks about a darkness we all struggle with—depression.

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You Are Not Your Anxiety

Why you don’t have to wear anxiety like a label.