Leadership Resources: Sharpening a Women's Ministry

Consider Those Who Are New

Christina Fox

Have you considered possible ways your ministry may be inaccessible to a new woman? Here’s help from a leader who’s now the newbie.

Get Off the Roller Coaster: 4 Ways to Practice Biblical Discernment

Terri Stovall

Leaders and mentors have a responsibility to disciple women without veering from the truth. Find out how to develop biblical discernment as a safeguard.

How Do I Lead Older Women in the Church?

Heidi Jo Fulk

Here are four key lessons I’ve learned in leading older women.

Leaders Need Mentors

Christina Fox

All leaders need mentors. We need older women who have served in ministry to lead and guide us in our calling as leaders. After all, it’s God’s design. Do you have a mentor?

Leading by Praying

Melissa Kruger

Having a foundation of prayer in the local church blesses every other way we minister to women.

Leading Out of Weakness

Linda Green

Leadership doesn't exempt us from the stresses, temptations, and trials of life. To run the race with endurance, we desperately need Christ. What's the secret to persevering with joy?

Managing the Overwhelming Prayer List

Leslie Bennett

Have you ever felt paralyzed by the volume of prayer appeals? Here’s a simple strategy to organize your prayer list without being overwhelmed.

One Initiative That Cannot Fail

Leslie Bennett

God's promise is that when we meditate and memorize His words, the process cannot fail to produce exactly what He intends it to.

You Can’t Do It All: Why We Need to Use Everyone’s Gifts

Christina Fox

Overbooked, overcommitted, and overtaxed leaders are headed on a collision course to burnout. Learn how the church can work together to prevent another casualty.