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10 Essential Tips for Handling Group Dynamics

If you've ever led a small group, you know it can be tricky. Here's some advice for handling your small group dynamics.


30 Truths for Leaders

Be the leader God has called you to be.


Building Trust Within Your Group

Learn how to develop trust between group members and foster an environment where members can help each other grow.


Facilitating an Atmosphere of Biblical Community

Learn how to provide a safe bridge to help your members feel comfortable sharing openly and honestly.


Handling Challenging Discussion Issues

A wise leader will think through how to handle difficult situations so if they arise, you will know how you wish to handle it.

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How to Bust Small Group Busters

Small group busters often arise when expectations aren't clearly established from the get-go, or when a healthy group cruises on auto-pilot, and bad habits creep in.


Making the Most of Your Small Group Time

Before you lead a small group, it's good to have a plan for your meetings. Here are some suggestions for what type of schedule to follow.

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Reaching the Introverts in Your Women’s Ministry

Let’s build a women’s ministry that draws in every temperament and personality type.


Recommended Resource List

Revive Our Hearts carefully selects and recommends resources on a variety of topics that we believe are true to the Scripture and will help people grow in their faith.


Revive Our Hearts Recommended Bible Studies

Nothing will deepen your women’s ministry like the study of God’s Word! However, finding a study for your small group can be challenging. This is a list of recommended studies by our Revive Our Hearts team.

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Six Reasons Your Husband May Not Like Your Women's Group

I polled my wise (and handsome!) husband about the reasons why husbands might not be mega-fans of their wives' women's group. His answers were surprising, thoughtful, and more than a little convicting.


Small Group Covenant

A covenant serves to avoid unmet expectations and misunderstandings.


Starting a Small Group Bible Study

How do small groups get started? We’re glad you asked and we’re here to help with a few tips of our own . . .


Techniques to Stimulate Small Group Discussion

Ideas to help keep your group engaged in the discussion.


The Art of Leading Well

As a leader, you'll be the one to set the pace for your group. Learn how to build great group unity and strength.


True Woman Studies

These small group studies are great primers about womanhood.

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True Woman Video Resources

Customize these True Woman conference messages and discussion questions for your next small group meeting.


Women Need Help: From God, Other Women, and Helpful Resources

Nancy describes many resources that would be helpful for Women's Ministry Leaders.