Point Your Kids to the Gospel with Great Stories

Point Your Kids to the Gospel with Great Stories

Sept. 23, 2022 Kathryn Butler

We’ve all seen the delight on our kids’ faces as the treasures of Narnia and Middle Earth, Neverland, and Green Gables spill over into their lives. J.R.R. Tolkien postulated that great stories thrill us because they reflect the truth for which we yearn: our redemption in Christ. Join us for a discussion of how the best stories glitter with gospel threads, and how we can use such narrative arcs to point our kids to Christ.

Running Time: 34 minutes


Kathryn Butler: I hope that over the next hour you might find some encouragement, some inspiration as you rejoice that the Lord’s work and His glory permeate even the books that we read with our kids at night.

So whatever your walk of life, if you’re a mom, if you’re a grandparent, if you are a Godmother, if you’re a youth minister, if you’re a teacher, if you’re just an aficionado of kids’ literature; I hope that the next hour offers you some encouragement and most of all leads you to marvel at how God reused His story—the greatest, most magnificent true story for which we all yearn—into the narratives of our childhood.

It is by His kindness that we’re able to remember His goodness and have reminders of His love that we can find embedded in the magic of Narnia and that enchanted land..

So, if you will, please, …


About the Speaker

Kathryn Butler

Kathryn Butler

Kathryn Butler is a trauma surgeon turned writer and homeschooling mom. She earned her MD from Columbia University, and trained in surgery and critical care at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where she served on staff before leaving clinical practice in 2016. She writes regularly for DesiringGod.org and the Gospel Coalition, and is the author of multiple books from Crossway, including Between Life and Death: A Gospel-Centered Guide to End-of-Life Medical Care; Glimmers of Grace: A Doctor's Reflections on Faith, Suffering, and the Goodness of God, and the forthcoming Dream Keeper Saga, a series of middle-grade fantasy novels with Christian themes.