Persecution, Perseverance, and the Key to Sustaining Faith

Sept. 23, 2022 Karen Ellis

How have ancient and contemporary saints persevered under anti-Christian hostility? Is there a common denominator to the invisible Church’s faithfulness throughout the ages? K.A. Ellis shares stories, discusses stealth methodologies, and points the way to the Sustainer of faith. Join Karen for this casual and private talk about the persecuted and persevering Church, and what we can learn today to prepare for a stealthy, costly, and productive Christianity.

Running Time: 52 minutes

About the Speaker

Karen Ellis

Karen Ellis is the Director of the Edmiston Center at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta, where she teaches practical theology courses on Christian endurance in the face of cultural hostility. She holds master’s degrees from Yale University and Westminster Theological Seminary and is a Ph.D. candidate at Oxford Center for Mission Studies in Oxford, England. Since 2003, she has worked as an advocate for the global persecuted Church, raising awareness and promoting indigenous leadership in countries where Christianity is restricted or repressed. Karen is married to Dr. Carl F. Ellis, Jr., a Professor of Theology and Culture at RTS.