Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart

Sept. 23, 2022 Glenna Marshall

We are blessed with more access to Scripture than any other generation. With the Bible at our fingertips, is Scripture memory really necessary? How do we begin? In this session we’ll explore some of the basics, blessings, and benefits of hiding God’s Word in our hearts.

Running Time: 53 minutes


Glenna Marshall: Well, good afternoon. I’m so encouraged to see so many women in this room because when this session is about memorizing Scripture, you really don’t expect to see so many show up. (laughter) I’m shocked, to be perfectly honest. I’m really encouraged, though.

Yesterday, before I got on the road to drive up here, my husband sat down to pray with me, and the thing that he prayed just choked me up. He said, “Lord, I pray that the women who attend this session, that when they leave, that Scripture will be like honey on their lips. That it will be so sweet to them, that they see the worthwhile pursuit of storing it up in their hearts.”

And that is my prayer for you as well. I’ve prayed for you all. And I’m just, again, so encouraged that you’re here to talk about memorizing Scripture. I feel …

About the Speaker

Glenna Marshall

Glenna Marshall is married to her pastor, William, and lives in rural Southeast Missouri where she tries to keep up with her two energetic sons. She is the author of The Promise Is His Presence and Everyday Faithfulness. She is the social media manager for Practical Shepherding Women, and you can connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her blog.