Help for Hurting Parents

Help for Hurting Parents

Sept. 23, 2022 Laura Perry Smalts speaking at Help for Hurting Parents

Do you have a prodigal child or loved one that has turned away from the Lord? Is this a trial in your life that causes more pain than you feel you can bear? Discover how you can reach your prodigal and what God has for you in the valley of waiting.

Running Time: 54 minutes


Laura Perry Smalts: I’m so happy to see everybody here, and yet you’re probably—most of you, at least—are here because you are hurting. I’m sorry for the pain that each and every one of you are going through.

I work for a ministry called First Stone Ministries that really helps the sexually and relationally broken. I don’t know if everyone knows my story, but I’m a former transgender—and have been that way for about nine years. So you might be wondering why I’m teaching on parenthood.

For some reason God has seen fit, especially which is funny for a girl who was so angry at my parents I didn’t ever want a relationship with them again! I remember thinking, I don’t know why anybody cares about their parents! I mean, I was just full of so much anger.

And again, God has given me a heart for parents. About ninety …

About the Speaker

Laura Perry Smalts

Laura Perry Smalts

Laura Perry Smalts is a former transgender whose message of transformation through Jesus Christ to restore her feminine identity can relate to those who struggle, those who have transitioned, parents and loved ones, and those in the church who want to reach them. Her story is told in her autobiography, Transgender to Transformed. Above all, her goal is to glorify Christ and tell others to surrender their lives fully to Jesus and identify as who He created them to be. Laura lives with her husband, Perry, in Oklahoma City where she serves on the staff of First Stone Ministries.