Are You a Control Girl?

Are You a Control Girl?

Sept. 23, 2022 Shannon Popkin

Do you erupt in anger or melt in fear over the things you can’t control? Are you heavy-handed with others, or do you manipulate to get your way? The truth is, God’s already in control—which means you don’t have to be. Come explore five ways to lay down your control burden, surrender to God, and flourish.

Running Time: 52 minutes


Shannon Popkin: What if we lived like it’s true that “Heaven rules”? 

I think sometimes I live like it’s true that the government rules or cancer rules or my to-do list rules. Sometimes I act like I rule. (laughter) Can anybody relate to that?

I remember being in the grocery store one time and getting a phone call from my five-year old. He said, “Mommy, can we go play in Jaybin’s kiddie pool next door?”

And I said, “Well, what did Dad say?”

And he goes, “Well, I asked Daddy, and he said, ‘Yes,’ but I knew I had to call you because you are the ruler over us, right?” (laughter) 

Oh, man. I don’t know where that message goes. It got a little twisted!

We’re going to talk today about what it looks like when we live like there is a Ruler, and it’s not us—where He is the …

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Shannon Popkin

Shannon Popkin

Shannon Popkin is happy to be sharing life with her husband, Ken, and together they have the joy of watching their three young-adult kids become the amazing people God created them to be. From the platform, page, and podcast mic, Shannon invites women to drink deeply of God’s story and live like it’s true. Her books include Comparison Girl and Control Girl, and she hosts the Live Like It’s True Bible podcast.