What's Next?: Igniting a Passion for True Womanhood in Your Church

Sept. 21, 2012 Leslie Bennett
If you're wondering where to go from here, this session will offer practical strategies for starting a fire for biblical womanhood in your church. We'll consider what fuels and extinguishes the power to spread the message.


Leslie Bennett: A few moments ago, Christy asked how many this is your first True Woman conference, and many hands went up. I'd like to get an idea of who we are. And so my question I'd like to pose is "Why did you choose this session?" And so I'll give you some choices. The first one being, "I am on church staff, and that's why I am here." So raise your hand up really high if you are on church staff. Now I want you to keep it up. Look around the room so that you can network, see these faces. You may want to go and talk in between the next session. All right, you can take those hands down.

How many of you chose this session because you are a volunteer leader at your church? Many more hands are going up. Okay. Thank you.

Now you can …

About the Speaker

Leslie Bennett

Leslie Bennett and her husband, Mac, live in South Carolina. After a dozen years of serving in a local church as the Director of Women’s Ministry, she joined the Revive Our Hearts team as the Director of Women’s Ministry Initiatives. Spend a few minutes with Leslie, and you’ll catch her passion for the local church, prayer, and revival.