The Table Experience: Creating Deeper Relationships Through Hospitality

March 26, 2010 Devi Titus speaking at The Table Experience: Creating Deeper Relationships Through Hospitality

Home is where the heart is formed. Hospitality is God's way to reach the heart of others. Devi combines biblical convictions with practical applications to equip you to minister to others through hospitality.

Running Time: 75 minutes


Devi Titus: Good afternoon. I’m Devi Titus, and welcome to my home. If it were possible, I would have you all in my living room, but since I have come to Chattanooga, we are enjoying a living-room environment that we have created in our imagination here at this wonderful facility. Isn’t this an incredible—I don’t call it a conference. I call it an encounter. Does anybody here say “Amen” in this crowd? (Sounds of applause) Whoo!

Before we begin this session officially, and as the last few people are coming in, I’m just going to briefly share with you a few of the products that I have and just very briefly a little bit about me. I live in Dallas, Texas. It was seven years ago after speaking to 30,000 women that year in conference settings, I decided that we needed a different way of doing ministry. I opened what …

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Devi Titus

Devi Titus

Devi Titus speaks from conviction and motivates with passion. Her infectious personality and innovative approach to ministry help women reach their full potential.