Simple Truth: Eight Life-Giving Essentials for Women in Need

Sept. 21, 2013 Holly Elliff

Holly is often approached by women wanting help for dealing with tough issues. We asked her to identify the recurring themes she finds herself sharing with women, regardless of the nature of their crisis or their season in life. Glean from Holly's decades of practical wisdom and ministry.


Holly Elliff: I want to welcome you here today. This is simple truth, and we're going to get to that in just a second. I just want to welcome you and give you some time to get these other gals in here, and then we'll get going.

My name is Holly Elliff, for those of you I don't know, which is a bunch of you. But I'm glad you're here today. Aren't you grateful for what the Lord has been saying in this conference?

Has the Lord been speaking to you this weekend? Somebody call out a word that God has spoken to you this weekend. What's something that He is just telling you to do?

He's had a very consistent message this weekend, hasn't He? And I love that, when the Lord just puts it all together, because then you're very aware that He is intentionally speaking to us. …



About the Speaker

Holly Elliff

Holly Elliff

Holly has been married to her high school sweetheart, Bill, for nearly fifty years. She has been a pastor's wife since she was twenty and has eight married children and twenty-five grandkids. Her life experiences have enabled her to share with women of all ages the reality of God’s sufficient grace for every step of their journey, and she is frequently featured on Revive Our Hearts programs and conferences.