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Sept. 27, 2019 Bob Bakke speaking at Jesus Adored

A lot of us equate “worship” with “singing.” But the gospel of John tells us about a woman who worshipped Jesus through an extravagant gift valued at one year’s worth of income. Bob Bakke will help you discover what this generous worshipper has to teach us today.

Running Time: 36 minutes


Bob Bakke: I’ve been noticing a lot of people are taking pictures, a lot of selfies, a lot of group pictures. I love photography. Since the Brownie camera back about a hundred years ago, there’s been a lot of photography going on in the country. I mean, multitudes of pictures are being taken nowadays with our cameras. Snapshots can define a moment in life, can’t they? A place, a time that we cherish.

One of my favorite snapshots is of my parents. I think we have a picture of my parents that might pop up. It was taken in 1942 at their engagement party in my great-grandparents’ backyard in New York City, in Brooklyn, New York. My parents—I don’t know, I think they look great, don’t you? And I think this handsome young Army officer, pilot in the Army Air Corp, and his beautiful bride-to-be, my mother, having met in …


Scripture References

  • John 12:1-7

About the Speaker

Bob Bakke

Bob Bakke

Dr. Bob Bakke resides in Florida and is Pastor Emeritus of Hillside Church in Bloomington, Minnesota. For over twenty years, Bob has produced a nationally broadcast prayer meeting on the evening of the National Day of Prayer, and for four years an international broadcast on The Global Day of Prayer, celebrated each Pentecost Sunday. In 2012, he helped launch OneCry, a movement of Christians mobilizing and uniting for the purpose of seeing revival come to the American Church.