Grace: Apply Liberally!

Sept. 28, 2019 Chizuruoke Anderson

If you were dying of thirst, would you rather drink from a tiny Dixie cup or from an unlimited stream of pure water? Chizzy Anderson says God dispenses grace generously to our thirsty souls. Find out ways we can apply His grace liberally, both to ourselves and to others.

Running Time: 26 minutes


So, ladies, my fellow researchers, reachers, listeners, and fighters, just in case you were wondering, no, it is not time to give up. It is not time to walk away from this conference even though you may be feeling a little discomforted right now. It is time to press in, to lean in, and see what God has for you.

It is kind of like a massage. That’s how I feel at this point. I think so many of you have been giving stuff up and praying and crying that it might feel sort of like a deep-tissue massage. You know what I mean?

You finish your massage, and you’re laying there on the table, and they say, “You may get dressed now.”

And they leave, and you are laying there. When you go to push yourself up, your eyes are, like, swollen. You know what I mean? You're congested. …

About the Speaker

Chizuruoke Anderson

Chizuruoke Anderson

Chizzy is an author and speaker for True Girl (formerly Secret Keeper Girl) and the host of a monthly online Bible study for tweens. Her authentic worship style facilitates deep connection to God. She is married to David, has three daughters, and is Nigerian.