Insight for the Day

The Day That Changed My Life Forever

April 23, 2024 Robert Wolgemuth—Editor

Sarah said, “God has made me laugh, and everyone who hears will laugh with me.” (Genesis 21:6)

Our basement was full of high-school kids. My late wife, Bobbie, and I were in full-time youth ministry, and I was teaching a Bible study with about forty-five lively young people. It was great fun.

Then, right when I was about to get to the best part of my lesson, my wife’s college-age sister walked down the stairs, gingerly stepped toward me through the kids crowded on the floor and motioned that she wanted to whisper something in my ear. Noticeably perturbed by this thoughtless interruption, I remember thinking to myself, This had better be good. And “good” it was. Becky’s hushed words gripped me. She could have shouted them, and they wouldn’t have had any more impact. “Bobbie’s in labor upstairs. You’ve got to get her to the hospital. The baby’s on its way.”

I announced the message to the teenagers who cheered the news, then scurried to move their cars from my driveway.

My life, from that moment until today, has not been the same. Several weeks after we brought our baby daughter home, I remember thinking to myself, This is incredible. I can’t believe it. I’m a dad. I’ll be a dad for the rest of my life!

If you’re a father, you know that feeling, don’t you? It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?

The text today tells of the moment Abraham and Sarah became parents. And although they were much older than you and me when we became dads, the excitement level has a familiar ring to it. We know this for sure because they named their brand-new son Isaac, which means “he laughs.” What a great name. In fact, Sarah celebrates with a wonderful statement (see v. 6), giving God credit for bringing such joy to their home.

As dads, you and I know all about this. Our lives have been indescribably blessed with a little one—or more than one!—who has proven his or her ability to transform our adult sophistication and poise into a face-making, embarrassing, baby-talking grown-up who tumbles on the living room floor or holds a tiny tea cup, pretending to savor its delicious contents. Or who makes engine noises as we zoom a toy airplane through the living room sky. It’s laughable to realize what we’ve become. And we don’t care what others might say. We are dads, and we take advantage of these times to celebrate, to play, and to make our kids laugh.

This might be a good day to thank God for bringing such joy and laughter into your life—for the miracle and the blessing of a baby. And not just any baby—one of your own.