Daily Reflections

Whatever It Takes

April 12, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

[God] has brought desolations on the earth. —Psalm 46:8

When we read in Revelation about earthquakes, stars falling out of the sky, and the sun turning to blood, it can be easy to be fearful as we think about these future events. Yet we need to remember why God brings these desolations in the first place—to make the whole earth stand in awe of Him and ultimately to bring salvation. Author John Walvoord has this to say:

The God who sits on the throne in heaven is in complete control of what transpires on earth. The events happening on earth—no matter how frightening and devastating— are neither haphazard or random. They are ordered by the One seated on His throne. Heaven rules on earth. God’s people are to view what is happening on earth from God’s viewpoint, rather than from man’s.1

God will do whatever it takes in order to bring His enemies to submission, to glorify His Name, and to deliver those who take refuge in Him. He will do what must be done to accomplish His eternal purposes.

1 John F. Walvoord, Revelation (Chicago: Moody, 2011), 122.

Make it Personal

How can you choose to view things happening in our world today through God’s viewpoint rather than your own?