Daily Reflections

Walking in Brokenness

March 26, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Therefore, submit to God. —James 4:7

When God asks you to surrender something—even something small—in your life, the real issue is not the “what” it is you’re “giving up” but how willing you are.

Years ago, I felt convicted that my television habits had become a barrier in my relationship with the Lord. However, I resisted turning off the TV. I did not shake my fist in God’s face. However, over time, by ignoring His conviction, I realized I had stiffened my neck and hardened my will against Him. My heart was no longer soft, pliable, and responsive to His leading. The real issue wasn’t whether or not I would watch television. The issue was whether I was going to walk in pride or in brokenness.

You see, though we may never blatantly defy God, all it takes for me—or you—to get into a position where God is forced to oppose us is to refuse to humble ourselves and be broken before Him in one “little” matter. God always resists the proud (James 4:6).

Make it Personal

Is there something “small” you need to surrender to God? Do it today.