Daily Reflections

Two Questions

May 28, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“How long will these people despise me?” —Numbers 14:11

When the Israelites let fear overwhelm them, Joshua and Caleb pleaded for the people to exercise faith. They cried out, “Believe God. Don’t give in to fear.” But it was to no avail.

Then “the glory of the Lord appeared” (Num. 14:10). He was grieved by the response of His people, that they would rather give in to fear than walk by faith. He asked, “How long will these people despise me?” (Num. 14:11). The people hadn’t said anything about God, but by speaking evil of the land, they were actually speaking evil of God.

Then God asked a second question: “How long will they not trust in me despite all the signs I have performed among them?”

I think God could ask us the same questions when we live by fear. We don’t intend to despise God, but we are. I can just hear God saying as He looks on my life sometimes, “How long will you despise Me? How long will you refuse to believe in Me despite all the reasons I’ve given you to trust Me?”

Make it Personal

What are we communicating to others around us when we choose to let fear rule our hearts and lives?