Daily Reflections

Two Cities

March 2, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

By the rivers of Babylon—there we sat down and wept when we remembered Zion. —Psalm 137:1

Throughout Psalm 137, we see a contrast between Babylon and Zion (or Jerusalem). It’s the same theme that we find throughout Scripture. While this passage is describing the literal cities of Babylon and Jerusalem, there’s also a symbolic or spiritual Babylon (Rev. 17–18) and the heavenly Jerusalem, also known as the Holy City.

From Genesis to Revelation, and throughout history, we see the conflict between these two cities: the earthly city of Babylon and the heavenly city of Jerusalem. The city of man and the city of God. Two cities. Two systems. Two worldviews. They could not be more opposite of each other.

Those who belong to the earthly city, the city of man, are destined for eternal punishment and damnation. But for the citizens of the city of God, their ultimate destiny is eternal joy and happiness, for the city of God is where God lives. And where God is, there is joy, abundance, and life eternal.

Make it Personal

Praise God that for those who know Christ as Savior, we will live with Him forever in the heavenly city of Jerusalem.