Daily Reflections

Tremble at His Presence

June 16, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

That the nations might tremble at your presence! —Isaiah 64:2

How often do you see nations trembling at the presence of God today? Not often!

Imagine seeing the nations of the earth trembling at the presence of the Lord, afraid to do anything that would dishonor Him. It can happen when God manifests His presence.

In speaking about revival, pastor and author Richard Owen Roberts says:

Without doubt, the greatest single aspect of every true revival is the peculiar and wonderful sense of the presence of God . . . It is this mighty sense of the presence of God which draws large crowds, produces intense conviction, causes tears to flow, enables hardened sinners to right the wrongs of years past, produces seemingly instantaneous conversions and results in spontaneous joy and enthusiasm.1

The presence of God brings those things about!

1 Richard Owen Roberts, Revival, (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 1982), 107.

Make it Personal

Pray for God to be made known among the nations, that they might tremble at His presence.