Daily Reflections

The Testimony of Thankfulness

November 18, 2021 Alejandra Slemin

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” —Matthew 5:16

When something goes wrong, the easiest response is to complain. It's more difficult to find a reason to be grateful. Why not just choose the effortless route?

When we show appreciation, it opens an avenue of effective communication with God and others. But when we complain, it shortens the time we could be using to display the power of the gospel.

As Matthew 5 reminds us, other people watch our behavior. This includes our family, coworkers, and friends who don’t know Jesus. Because of these witnesses, we must display our thankfulness for the works God does every day. Expressing gratitude shows there’s no pride in me, that I acknowledge the goodness of the Lord despite my sinfulness, and that I haven’t forgotten God’s mercy.

When you’re tempted to complain or be in a bad mood, look up and praise God for the mighty works He did in the past, that He’s doing right now, and for those He will do in the future.

Make it Personal

How does being thankful rather than complaining help to display the power of the gospel to others around you?