Daily Reflections

The Impact of Unbelief

June 2, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

They forgot what [God] had done, the wondrous works he had shown them. —Psalm 78:11

When the spies returned from scouting the Promised Land, two of the men brought back a glowing report while the other ten focused on the obstacles. As we read this story in Numbers 13–14, we see that their unbelief was contagious. The ten spies were head of their tribes. People respected them, so they followed them. In the same way, our unbelief and rebellion have consequences on those who follow us. We poison others with our unbelief.

Fear and unbelief aren’t just weaknesses; they are rebellion against God. They elevate the obstacles over God. The giants become bigger than God when you’re walking in unbelief, whereas faith elevates God over the obstacles. Unbelief discounts the presence of God, where faith counts on the presence of God. “The Lord is with us,” Joshua and Caleb said (Num. 14:9). That’s the word of faith.

Unbelief also overlooks and minimizes what God has already done and the ways He’s displayed His power. It conveniently forgets all the Lord has done in the face of difficult circumstances.

Make it Personal

How have you seen the unbelief of others influence those around them and lead them away from following the Lord?