Daily Reflections

The Action of Love

September 24, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. —1 Peter 4:8

A minister named George Crane told of a wife who came into his office. She hated her husband and wanted to find out how she could hurt him as deeply as possible before divorcing him.

Dr. Crane suggested she act as if she really loved her husband. “Tell him how much he means to you,” Crane said. “Go out of your way to be as kind, considerate, and generous as possible. Spare no efforts to please him, to enjoy him. . . After you’ve convinced him of your undying love and that you cannot live without him, then drop the bomb. Tell him you’re getting a divorce. That will really hurt him.”

For two months, this woman followed these instructions with enthusiasm. When she didn’t return, Pastor Crane called to ask if she was ready to get divorced. “No way!” she said. “I discovered that I really do love him.” Her actions had changed her feelings.5

If we truly want to pursue the love of Christ, then we must first choose to love by faith.

5 J. Allen Petersen, “Wife Who Wanted a Divorce,” Bible.org, accessed April 16, 2021, https://bible.org/illustration/wife-who-wanted-divorce.

Make it Personal

Think about the people God has put in your life and ask yourself, “How would I act if I really did love this person?”