Daily Reflections

Take a Bow

April 7, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“I lay down my life so that I may take it up again.” —John 10:17

John’s account of the crucifixion provides a significant detail that’s not included in the other gospels. We’re told that Jesus “bowing his head, he gave up his spirit” (19:30). In that final moment of His life, Jesus performed one last powerful act. He chose the pathway of surrender so we could inherit eternal life.

Just as Christ’s surrender took Him to a cross, so ours will take us to the cross as well. Every time we purposefully “bow our head” in surrender to the will of God, our flesh is crucified and Christ is exalted as Lord.

Every time our flesh wants to watch that raunchy program. Every time we want to lash out in anger. Every time we are tempted to complain. Every time we want to shade the truth to protect our reputation . . .

Every time we bow our heads in acceptance of and surrender to God’s will, we embrace the cross. We manifest to the world the heart of Christ, who bowed His head to the will of the Father. 

Make it Personal

How would “bowing your head” make a difference in the way you approach the rest of this day?