Daily Reflections

Singing in the Shadow

April 3, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

After singing a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. —Matthew 26:30

In Hebrew tradition, Psalms 113–118 were traditionally sung at national Jewish feasts, such as the Passover. When you read those few pages, you won’t have to look hard to spot the theme of triumph, praise, and deliverance.

But imagine you’re not singing these psalms in celebration of God’s dramatic rescue. Imagine you’re singing them where Jesus likely was sing- ing them—moments from your violent capture, hours from trial, torture, and death.

To be able to sing a hymn of praise in that moment, that’s serenity. That’s realizing your Father is wise and good and that He can be trusted. It’s valuing His great redemptive plan above your own comfort and safety. And it’s choosing to recognize traces of life, hope, and joy in the same situations where most can see only fear, doubt, and self-pity.

But it’s because of Christ’s sacrifice, the same song that brightened the shadow of the cross can cast its calming light into the room where you’re sitting today. His heart at rest can be music to your weary, worried soul.

Make it Personal

What circumstances are likely to trigger stress and drive away your serenity? What are the first signs that reveal you’ve crossed over into fear?