Daily Reflections

Simple Gifts

August 18, 2022 Shannon Popkin

He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, he blessed and broke them. —Luke 9:16

When the little boy gave Jesus his lunch, Jesus tore the loaves and handed the pieces to His disciples, who then tore the loaves again. The bread kept multiplying as it passed from hand to hand, and the people all got to experience the miracle together.

Years ago, I gave Jesus a rather simple gift of inviting girls from my Sunday school class into my home to play games and hear about Jesus. I tore off a piece of my Saturday and said, “Here, Jesus.” I was just an ordinary woman offering up an ordinary Saturday, but God supernaturally multiplied my gift in their lives.

Is Jesus pressing you to consider the physical, emotional, or spiritual hunger in a person or a group? Are you overwhelmed by the ravenous brokenness you see? Jesus doesn’t ask you to provide extraordinary gifts. He just wants you to come like a child. Offer what you have. Give Him the equivalent of a packed lunch and watch to see what He will do.

Make it Personal

What simple gifts can you put into the hands of your miracle-working Lord today?