Daily Reflections

Reason vs. Revelation

May 26, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“If only we had died in the land of Egypt!” —Numbers 14:2

From a human perspective, the Israelites’ fear is somewhat understandable. There were, after all, fierce enemies standing between them and possession of the land. So, they decided they wanted to go back to Egypt. Yes, life there had been horrible, but at least it was familiar. In Canaan, they faced a whole new set of challenges. God was asking them to move forward into a place they had never been before.

The problem is they left God out of the equation. They drew their conclusions based on human reasoning. And don’t we often do that, too? We see the circumstances and the trials, but we forget God.

Several years ago, a teacher at my church said, “When reason and revelation collide, we must go with revelation.” Reason is what you can see and understand. Revelation is the Word of God, which we often can’t see.

When God says, “Step out,” and our human logic says, “It’s impossible,” what do you do? You go with the truth, with God’s Word. You move forward, go in, and possess the land.

Make it Personal

Where in your life are reason and revelation currently colliding? What steps do you need to take to follow the path of revelation?