Daily Reflections

Quiet Humility

May 8, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

The one who humbles himself will be exalted. —Luke 14:11

Several years ago, a friend had the chance to become manager of his department, but he turned the job down. At one time this man was so focused on climbing the corporate ladder that he almost sacrificed his relationship with his family. His decision demonstrated real maturity.

Haman never learned that lesson. After being promoted to second-in-command to the king, Haman told his wife and friends “how the king had honored him and promoted him in rank over the other officials and the royal staff” (Est. 5:11).

Because he focused on the wrong goal, Haman was continually frustrated. He couldn’t get everyone to bow to him (3:2). He was forced to show honor to his enemy (6:11). His plan to kill the Israelites was foiled (9:2). Finally, he was publicly executed (7:10).

Mordecai was Haman’s opposite. He served in quiet humility yet received great honor. Mordecai focused on God’s glory and received earthly recognition as well. In contrast, Haman focused on his own glory and lost everything. His “ladder of success” only led to the gallows from which he was hanged.

Make it Personal

What’s one way you can take the lowest seat instead of the highest (Luke 14:10) in your surroundings today?