Daily Reflections

Put It into Practice

June 9, 2023 Ana Nin de Olivio

Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. —James 1:22

During times when I’ve wanted to improve my health, I have read information on different diets and exercise I could do to achieve the desired result. But nothing changed in my body until I went from taking in information to actually doing it.

My reading about health doesn’t make me healthier, practicing it does. It’s the same with our life of faith. How many of us consume the Word and it remains as mere information? We know exactly what it means to be disciples of Christ but only in theory.

God wants to free us from deceiving ourselves. Therefore, He calls us to be doers—to look attentively at His truth—in order to walk in faith, obedience, and surrender every second of our lives.

The hearer is the person who hears, while the doer is the person who acts. The hearer stays in the knowledge, while the doer puts theory into practice. God’s purpose in giving us His Word isn’t only to inform but to transform our minds and hearts and to restore our souls.

Make it Personal

How can you take God’s Word and put it into practice throughout your day today?