Daily Reflections

The Providence of God

September 7, 2022 Deborah Smith

Our God is in heaven and does whatever he pleases. —Psalm 115:3

At some point, most of us will get to a place where we simply cannot make sense of life’s circumstances. For some, the response will be despair. For others it will be a place
of rest, knowing we serve a God who controls all things. While the world looks to luck and self-effort, the believer should put their hope in God’s sovereignty and providence.

Divine providence is the governance of God by which He, with wisdom and love, cares for and directs all things in the universe. The doctrine of divine providence asserts that God is in complete control of all things. This stands in direct opposition to the world’s idea that the universe is governed by chance or fate.

But this is precisely why we’re called to walk by faith and not by sight. And it’s not necessary that we “see” to trust. That’s why it’s called faith. Faith is one of the things that makes us distinct from the world, which gives us an opportunity to be a living demonstration of God.

Make it Personal

What would it mean for you to live each day under God’s providence? How would that help as you go through difficulties?