Daily Reflections

Praying Scripture

April 17, 2021 Mary Kassian

If we ask anything according to his will he hears us. —1 John 5:14

Do you ever get “stuck in a rut” in your prayer life? Praying Scripture will help. This is a method of prayer practiced by the early church which involves reading, pondering, listening to, and praying God’s Word.

First, you need to read the passage of Scripture slowly. Second, reflect and think about how to apply the text to your own life. Take note of any particular verse or phrase that seems to be of particular importance.

Then resonate or respond to/agree with the passage by praying it back to God, applying it to your life or circumstance. Finally, you need to receive. Prayer is a conversation with God. A conversation is a two-way process. So, it’s helpful to take a moment to listen to what the Lord is saying back to you through His Word.

Praying Scripture is one of the most effective ways to pray because you know you’re praying according to the will of God. And He has promised that when we pray according to His will, He hears and answers.

Make it Personal

Chose a few verses this week to pray for yourself and others. Write them on a card or in a notebook to refer to often.