Daily Reflections

A Place of Abundance

November 29, 2020 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

You brought us out to a place of abundance. —Psalm 66:12

Before Revive Our Hearts began, several people told me that doing daily radio would be challenging. But I had no idea what it would actually entail. For the first year, it was overwhelming. God’s presence was real in that time even when I couldn’t feel it. And the thing I hung onto was knowing that God had called me into this ministry.

We’ve all got circumstances where we’ve felt helpless, but it’s a good place to be—because it’s only then that we cast ourselves upon God who is our Helper.

I actually enjoy doing Revive Our Hearts now. Oh, it still has challenges, but over and over again, I’ve seen God take me through seemingly impossible circumstances and bring me into a place of abundance.

You may not be in that place yet, but you will be. There is hope, and often in the Christian life that’s what keeps us going. He’s there. He sees. He knows. He cares. He’s the One who has taken you into these circumstances, and He is the One who will deliver you.

Make it Personal

Think of a time when you learned to rely on God as your Helper. How has He brought you into a place of abundance?