Daily Reflections

Love Is an Equalizer

February 21, 2023 Deborah Smith

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” —Matthew 22:39

As a Christian, the power of Jesus’ love is at our disposal, and we can use it in our relationships. Do you have people in your life who are just not able to hold up their end of the relationship? They’re needy but unable to reciprocate? Love will give you the heart and strength to do the heavy lifting.

Of course, no one wants to be in one-sided relationships where we do all the giving and sacrificing and get nothing in return, nor are we called to be used in that way all the time. But consider that we may need to “make up the difference” for a season. We are always called to respond in love like Christ.

Love is a lot of things according to 1 Corinthians 13:4–8: patient, not self-seeking, not keeping record of wrongs, and not delighting in evil but rejoicing in truth. And all of that demands sacrifice. But as theologian Wayne Grudem said, “Because God has loved and will love us for all eternity, we are able to freely give that love to others.” 3

3 Wayne Grudem, Christian Beliefs (Grand Rapids: Zondervan; 2005) 46.

Make it Personal

Pray that God would give you the love and strength you need to love others as yourself.