Daily Reflections

Lining Our Nest

April 26, 2024 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Therefore welcome one another, just as Christ also welcomed you. —Romans 15:7

Down duvets are without equal in warmth and comfort—particularly the coveted Eiderdown, filled with feathers collected from the nest of the Arctic Sea Eider. An Eiderdown duvet is so cozy that it’s like being tucked into a warm cloud of bliss.

The mother Eider plucks the soft, delicate down from deep near her heart. She uses feathers from her most intimate parts to line her nest, and thus transforms a base of twigs into a place ready to welcome and nurture life. Though the male often helps, the female oversees nest construction, and it’s from her breast that the soft, downy comfort comes.

This beautiful nesting practice of female birds mirrors the precious capability that God gave women. He created women with a remarkable capacity to create an environment conducive to welcoming and nurturing life. Women are specially equipped to make a house into a home. We are nurturers. We create a fertile place. We birth life. We (so to speak) pluck soft, downy feathers from our hearts to line our nests, so our broods can hatch and flourish.


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Make it Personal

In what ways has your life been impacted by a woman who provided a “nest” or some kind of nurturing?