Daily Reflections

Life Beyond the Spiritual Shallows

March 5, 2023 Erin Davis

Can you fathom the depths of God? —Job 11:7

By the time you finish this paragraph, I will have lost your attention. One recent study found that since we started carrying a phone, the average attention span has dropped to eight seconds.

This reality has implications in many parts of our lives: the depth of our relationships; our ability to produce valuable work; the development of discipline to help our bodies thrive. But what concerns me most is that we’re collectively (and individually) losing our capacity to dwell in the presence and Word of God. We’ve shackled ourselves to life in the spiritual shallows, far from faith that is deep and wide.

The psalmist declared, “How great are Your works, LORD! Your thoughts are very deep” (Psalm 92:5 NASB). There’s a depth to God’s character that cannot be assessed with quick glances and fleeting thoughts. We will never become people who face the lion’s den without a deep understanding of God’s character. We will never know that depth if we cannot find ways to circumnavigate our brain’s wiring and study God’s Word for longer than eight-second bursts.

Make it Personal

In what ways do you struggle to focus on God’s Word? What can you do to minimize distractions and keep your attention on Him?