Daily Reflections

Humility in Ministry

August 23, 2020 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you. —James 4:10

Over the years, I’ve often gone before the Lord and said, “Show me what it means to be a broken and humble person.” In response, He’s shown me some characteristics of a proud spirit compared to that of a humble heart. Here’s what He’s revealed to me as it relates to ministry.

Proud people desire to be served. Humble people are motivated to serve others and to be sure others’ needs are met before their own.

Proud people desire to be known as a success. Humble people are motivated to be faithful and make others successful.

Proud people have a feeling that “this organiza- tion is privileged to have me and my gifts.” They focus on what they can do for God. Humble people have a heart attitude that says, “I don’t deserve to have any part in this ministry.”

Are you a humble Christian? Based on these characteristics, how would you answer that question? How would those in your family or your church respond? Most important, what would God say?

Make it Personal

Make time to read the above list prayerfully and ask God to show you, “Am I a proud or a broken person?”