Daily Reflections

He Will Repay

March 22, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

He will pay them back for their sins and destroy them for their evil. —Psalm 94:23

God is a righteous, just God. He will not let wickedness go unpunished indefinitely. Sometimes when we see injustice, we forget that’s true. God will repay all unrepentant evildoers and punish all arrogance, all abuse, all cruelty, all racism, all violent crime, all injustice, all oppression, all genocide.

People ask, “Where is God when bad things happen?” God’s where He has always been— on His throne. He’s not silent. He’s not stand- ing aloof as the Edomites did, watching the Babylonians take over Israel. God cares; He laments. He’s grieved in His heart when He sees these atrocities. He will recompense all evil in His time and in His way.

God’s people, the righteous, may suffer, but their suffering will not last forever. What you see now is not what will always be—for the righteous or the wicked. The righteous suffer now, but they will experience eternal joy in the presence of God. The wicked seem to prosper now, but they will be eternally doomed if they do not repent.

Make it Personal

Thank God that He is on His throne and that He will take care of evil in His time and His way.