Daily Reflections

He Will Provide

May 24, 2022 Laura Booz

“They devour widows’ houses and say long prayers just for show. These will receive harsher judgment.” —Luke 20:47

Just moments before the widow gave all she had in Luke 21, Jesus criticized the scribes who misused the widows. They took everything the poor had for selfish purposes and didn’t provide for them in return. Who would want to contribute to an institution like that? Who would trust them?

We should be wise about where we give our money, but I think the story in Luke 21 is about so much more, because God is different. He loves and provides for widows. When this widow gave all her money to the temple, she was demonstrating that her hope was in the Lord. He could take her money for He was going to take care of her.

What trust! She must have believed it wasn’t the last time God would provide for her, so she could give generously. She could go home empty-handed. She could feel depleted, because she knew as she waited on the Lord that He would renew and restore her.

Make it Personal

Think of a time when you gave sacrificially. What are ways God provided for your needs afterward?