Daily Reflections

Glory to God in the Highest

December 17, 2022 Betsy Gómez

Shepherds were staying out in the fields and keeping watch at night over their flock. Then an angel of the Lord stood before them. —Luke 2:8–9

Although other shepherds in Judea raised sheep for meat and wool, the shepherds in Luke 2 only raised sheep to be sacrificed on the altar of the temple in Jerusalem for the forgiveness of sins.

These shepherds who were accustomed to observing the imperfect sheep offered as temporary sacrifices now received the invitation to witness the Lamb that would be sacrificed as the perfect sacrifice. Jesus is the complete and final sacrificial Lamb who was born to save His people from the slavery of sin. He is the Anointed King, the Lord.

This glorious truth moves us to praise God in the same way the angels did, giving “glory to God in the highest heaven” (Luke 2:14), and compels us to join the shepherds who came out of the nativity scene praising God and testifying of the Savior. Thus responds a heart that has contemplated the salvation of God— exalting God and announcing to others the good news of His salvation!

Make it Personal

As you contemplate Christ’s work on your behalf, does your response resemble that of the shepherds?