Daily Reflections

Get Rid of the Roots

October 11, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

People are enslaved to whatever defeats them. —2 Peter 2:19

Most of us have areas of our lives where we are in bondage because we have listened to, believed, and acted on lies. How can we move toward freedom in those practical issues of our lives?

Begin by identifying your personal area of sinful behavior. Chances are, you already know what some of those bondages are. But there may be others that are not as obvious. Are there areas where you are in physical bondage (overeating, an eating disorder, substance abuse)? Are you in emotional bondage (anxiety, fear, depression, chronic emotional disorders), sexual bondage (masturbation, pornography, lust, fornication, homosexuality), or financial bondage (overspending, greed, stinginess)? Are there sinful habits that plague you (anger, lying)?

Once you identify those areas, don’t just try to eliminate them. If you want to get rid of poison- ous berries, it’s not enough to go out and pick all the berries off the bush. More will just grow back in their place. The only way to permanently get rid of the poisonous fruit is to pull the bush out from the roots.

Make it Personal

Ask God to show you specific areas where you are living in bondage and for help to pull out the roots.