Daily Reflections

Food for Troubled Souls

November 5, 2022 Patricia Saladin

“For I satisfy the thirsty person and feed all those who are weak.” —Jeremiah 31:25

In the past, I’ve identified with the above verse and prayed that God would satisfy my tired soul and quench my thirst. I realized that like the Psalmist my soul was thirsty for Him (Psalm 63:1).

One Sunday morning, I attended a small church in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. The praises, prayers, and preaching of the Word led my heart to rejoice in the Lord. My strength was renewed, and I was no longer soul-weary. I understood more clearly than before that the answer to my prayer had come through the food for my soul—and that this is found only in the means of grace that God has arranged for us in Christ.

That food is available 24/7. What our tiredness and sadness are often shouting at us is that we need to spend more time with the Lord in His Word and in prayer and praise. We need to carve out time consistently and intentionally each day to be in communion and alone with the Beloved of our souls.

Make it Personal

Make it a priority to spend time alone with God each day—and be filled with the food that your soul needs.