Daily Reflections

Flashes of Eternity

April 26, 2022 Patricia Saladin

Then the one seated on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new.” —Revelation 21:5

Many of us know the stories of Disney princesses. At the beginning of almost every one of them, things are perfect. But then evil enters the scene and casts a wicked spell, which is broken at the end thanks to love and (usually) the appearance of a prince.

Although those who produce these movies probably don’t realize it, they are telling the story of redemption. Through these tales, we can see the entry of sin into a world created by God where everything was good. When the kingdom is frozen or falls asleep, it represents the point when sin entered the world and everything was subject to corruption.

And, as in all these stories, a sense of justice is awakened in us, a desire that good conquers evil. It is that desire that God places in the heart of every person. We look forward to that day when the spell is broken and our Prince Charming comes. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Beloved of our souls who will finally restore all things.

Make it Personal

Read Romans 8:23. What are you looking forward to when Christ returns?