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Cultivating the Gift of Generosity

November 9, 2023 Lori Hatcher

Don’t neglect to do what is good and to share, for God is pleased with such sacrifices. —Hebrews 13:16

I was born selfish. For years my obedient personality hid my self-centered heart. As a teenager I cared only about what I wanted. I willingly received and grudgingly gave.

Then I became a Christian. But I was still selfish. Old habits die hard, and this aspect of my sinful nature stuck around.

God’s Word gently pricked and instructed my heart. I learned my possessions didn’t belong to me but to God (1 Cor. 4:7). My job wasn’t to amass a fortune but to manage my resources in a way that honored Him.

As I watched others give, I asked God to help me see similar opportunities. I learned that giving isn’t only about money. I could also give generously of my time, talent, and prayers. I could bless others with my words, kind deeds, and even a smile.

As I began to see a change in my attitude, I thanked God that He was reproducing His generous heart in me. I want to always say yes when He prompts me to give.


Cultivating the Sweet Gift of Generosity” (ReviveOurHearts.com/blog)

Scripture taken from The CSB

Make it Personal

Pray that God would help you see the opportunities to give to others around you and that you would be a generous giver.