Daily Reflections

Channels of Blessing

August 24, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (which is translated Dorcas). She was always doing good works and acts of charity. —Acts 9:36

I love the New Testament account of a follower of Christ named Dorcas. Here was a woman whose relationship with Christ moved her to pour out her life in practical acts of kindness toward those in need. Her life was a picture of true kindness in action. That became even more clear when tragedy struck, and Dorcas died (Acts 9:37–39).

The poignant description of the widows she had blessed, grieving next to her lifeless body, suggests that Dorcas genuinely cared for the people she served. They didn’t just miss what she had done for them. They missed her.

Her kindness stood in stark contrast to the unbelieving world, where widows were often left to fend for themselves and faced probable destitution. Dorcas’s life shone a spotlight on the love of Christ. And as a result of her being raised back to life, “many” put their faith in Him (v. 42).

And that’s the impact Christian kindness can have on our witness in the world.

Make it Personal

Ask God to help your life be a picture of true kindness, so that it may shine a spotlight on the love of Christ.