Daily Reflections

Channeled Water

April 6, 2024 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

God had granted Daniel kindness and compassion from the chief eunuch. —Daniel 1:9

Who gave Daniel favor with the supervisor of the young men in Daniel 1? God did. Even here in this “advancement program,” which was intended to instill progressive Babylonian thought in these Hebrews, God intervened on Daniel’s behalf and moved the hearts of his pagan handlers. So, when Daniel appealed to the “guard” (1:11) and suggested a ten-day dietary experiment of vegetables and water for him and his three friends, the man agreed to it. Why? Because God had gone before them. Protecting them. Providing for them.

“A king’s heart is like channeled water in the Lord’s hand,” the Bible says (Prov. 21:1), as are the hearts of all those in authority, even if they don’t acknowledge God. Even if they hate and resist God. Even if they worship other gods, our God still “directs” their hearts “wherever he chooses.”

There’s not a king or leader or president, not even your boss at work, whose heart God cannot touch and turn; not a person God cannot cause to carry out His will. Because Heaven rules.


Heaven Rules: Take courage. Take comfort. Our God is in control. ©2022 Revived Hearts Foundation

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Make it Personal

Pray for your leaders, both on a local and national level, that God would “direct” their hearts to do His will.